GRBL Not Found on device & GRBL Unknown Error

Hi, I have a Nomad 833 It’s an early model my design shop got a while back I believe we even got it from the founders of the company. It used to work great but for some reason, I turned it on and it makes a strange humming noise and I’m getting a GRBL not found on the device as well as a GRBL unknown error. Does anyone know what I need to to to get this machine up and running again? I’d love to get this machine working again as it worked so well before. Thanks

If you can communicate with the device, it might work to reflash it, then you’d need to use a new version of Carbide Motion and reconfigure.

Let us know at

Ok, I can try that. Where would I find software to reflash the device? It seems like its connecting to the device but nothing much after that. Thanks!

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