Grbl Panel - unsupported command

Using GRBL panel I ran into “Unsupported Command” for G1Z-10.008F254.0 . Seems like a basic command. Anyone know what is going on? Code was sent from Carbide Create.

When I run the same code from Carbide Motion it also stops in the same place on the workpiece but points to. X4.000Y13.890 . A few lines down in the code I see G1Z-10.008F254.0 . I suppose CM is pointing to the wrong line due to some kind of buffering.

How are you generating the gcode?
Can you post it here?

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That is a pretty basic “MOVE at THIS feedrate”. Taking the Z axis to -10 - I assume you’re working in metric? Might be beyond the limits of the machine, though that would generate grbl errors, not errors from the gcode sender.

My guess is that the line it’s reporting is not where the error actually is. Maybe an M6 tool change command?

I was able to move on by moving the lines in Carbide Create. Still not sure what caused it. Does having some tool paths slightly off the grid create problems? I thought I was able to do that before.

“Unsupported Command” errors are thrown when your controller receives exactly that. Gcode beyond the limits of your machine shouldn’t report that error.

If the error is from the gcode sender (grbl panel) that’s one thing, if it’s from grbl itself, that’s another. If you connect via terminal (putty) and send the line, does it squawk?

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