Grbl setting? Cant make a change

Hi i have changed max travel distance and accel and feed speed in the controller, but Carbide motion dosent care? It still run the standard Settings. When i use the Shapeoko with cncjs it all works as i whant. Anywone have an idé

Hi Magnus,

GRBL settings are local to the controller, so indeed it should not matter what sender you use. BUT:

  • Carbide Motion has some hardcoded travel limits that come into play before the GRBL settings. For people with stock Shapeokos this is a good thing, but as soon as you try to tweak something mechanically it becomes a nuisance…and then people turn to an alternate sender as you did.
  • There might be a similar hardcoded limitation to 200ipm feed rate in CM, considering this thread? I have no idea if this is actually the case, but I can imagine why Carbide3d would like to cap the feedrate to 200, to prevent users from unadvertently modifying this parameter and having the machine move extremely fast (potential safety concern…)

Also, the machine is mechanically limited in how fast it can accelerate and move — please see posts on the “Shapeoko Racing League” on the Shapeoko forums for some discussion of this.

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