Grbl V1.1 Failed

Hello Everyone,

I am using the Shapeoko3 to cut Acetate.(similar to plastic)
I was having problems getting the exact forms I needed it so I run the 3 Point test to see if the machine was calibrated.
It gave me a 10% off. I don’t know how I end up installing grbl1.1 and Carbide motion4.
When the machine ask to do the homing process it got stuck. It stated that “the door was open”(I have a Shapeoko3)…
I went back to CM3 and somehow I got it to work…until this morning…suddenly it Z axis stop going up after finishing a job.
After a few minutes in the meddle of a job it went down doing a hole in the waste board. Since then Z works backwards. Up goes down and vice-versa.
I tried to flash grbl1.1 but Xloader freeze and cannot finish the job.
Please HELP!