Great upgrade to CM…. But!

First I want to say I’m very happy with the Visualizer in Carbide Motion! That should avoid a lot of crashes.
now the big bug I found in my process is forgetting to view it and doing the infamous 36mm plunge into 18mm stock!!!

Joking aside thanks for that Carbide3D! If I start using it should save some money on broken parts.

And that picture is a work in progress of a 3 zone vacuum table that bolts into a modified Mayers woodshop (metric style) wasteboard. I’m debating on doing a post or video on it. Would anyone be interested?


I’d be interested in it, I really need to integrate vacuum into my holddown process, but I have no idea how to attack this problem in my typical DIY fashion…

So, yeah, I would love to see a video…

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I would like to see what you achieve. Been dreaming about this for a while.

Great, I will open a thread on a more appropriate topic in a couple days and share updates there.
here is the thread:

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