Grey scale image not centering

I have had the problem of greyscale images not centering on the stock canvas I created in carbide create. I have found some info on it but cannot get it to center. I make a rectangle, then import the image. Double clicking the image component brings up nothing but parameter changes. Any info would be helpful. Thanks!

Select your image then on the left use the align vectors button.

Then select the center button in the align center’s section

This will align it to the center of the stock both vertically and horizontally

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I forgot if you’re rectangle is not the size of your stock setup then if you hold shift and click on the rectangle after selecting the image you can do the same process and it will align it to the center vertically and horizontally of the rectangle

After you select align vectors at the bottom of the screen it will have a box called reference and it should switch to align to last selection automatically.

Another tip. Sometimes it is necessary to select the entire image and hit the group button prior to aligning the vectors. If this isn’t done all the smaller parts will also be centered as individual parts and not a whole image.

This is the image I’m trying to center.

If the face and the inside rectangle are both parts of the image then it is centered. If you want the face centered on the canvas you’ll have to shorten the inside rectangle closer to the top of the head then realign

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As Ed says, that image is centred properly. You can tell by counting the white grid squares around the grey image. They are even on all sides.

Your issue is that the pixels that make up the face are not in the centre of the pixels that make up the border of the image. You’ll have to modify the image to fix that.

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Thanks for all your replies. I appreciate it. I saw a post and pic of a guy that said to double click the image component and a box comes up around the image and you can move wherever you want. Maybe that feature no longer exists. Again, thanks.