Grounding probe ground to chassis ground?

I was thinking of using the 1/2" cable guide hole on the right-hand gantry plate to mount an RCA jack (a chassis-mount type) I use for connecting my probe. Right now I have an RCA cable kind of dangling through this hole, but it requires two hands to make/break the connection.

Will it hurt anything if the RCA’s outer contact (the ground) touches the steel plate?

I don’t think it would but figured I’d ask here first.

It might be moot, I found some that are said to be insulated and intended for a 3/8" through-hole up to 3/16" thick. I can add an o-ring or something to take-up any slack in the hole in the gantry plate, I measured said hole at just shy of 1/2" so I imagine it is a 1/2" hole with some powder coating.

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Do you mean like this kinda?

I didn’t like so much on the Z-plate and I’ve moved it on top of the circuit board enclosure box. I always probe on the left front corner and unplug it after probing so now the jack is completely out of the way. It is taped with velcro tape because it is very sticky and I had an extra piece.

This evening I added an RCA jack for my probe.

I used one of these:

The jack requires a 3/8" hole, so I added an o-ring (1/16" thick) to keep it centered in the hole on the Shapeoko.

Nice and solid, I can plug my probe in with a single hand, which just makes the probe easier to manage.


Great idea Phil. I unsoldered the clip and soldered the wire to a long roofing nail for a handle, wrapped it all in tape and the tape won’t scratch the bits. Plus it hangs on a nail right in reach.

I had thought that maybe the clip might damage the cutting edge of the bit so this is a great idea, thanks Phil
OOps I meant your magnetic probe topic.

But you didn’t wrap it ALL in tape, right? Otherwise there would be no path for the electrons.

I covered the magnet with one layer to help retain it to the handle, maybe I should epoxy the magnet to the nail head? I was installing a new ac so I only took a break to assemble the magnetic probe. The magnet magneted just fine, i didn’t try to probe yet guess electrical tape MIGHT interfere with electrons… besides it was your idea…(except for the tape)…my fubar. Thanks for illuminating the dark space between my ears.

Yeah check that there is no tape between the magnet and the bit/chuck. Also check continuity with a meter to make sure things are working, you don’t want to break any bits.