Growler carrier

Finally got this one done, just in time for Christmas. Built in CC, had a struggle with alignment and no dog bones. Made about 4 prototypes to get here


This looks great! How did you do the joinery without dogbones? did you have any problem with the joints being too tight? I’ve been working on some joinery and tennons always seem to be about .01" thicker than they are in my cad model.

There actually dogbones. Just not big enough to see. It took a while for me to dial in on the joints. Of course make sure to measure the material, as it is not exactly 1/2". I also found that my tenons were oversized as well. Tried a different bit and that changes.

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Did you just glue it together?

Glue and pin nails. After might’ve gotten away with press fit, but I don’t like to waste good beer.


My version…this one is for 2 of the smaller 32oz bottles, which we refer to in my area as a Howler.

No glue or nails, used the dowels to tighten it up. It is very solid.

It took a few test cuts to get everything to fit right. Used an Onsrud 1/8" compression bit at 80ipm/30ipm and ramped into all cuts. I could have went faster with no issues. Clean cuts, only had to sand down the tabs.

It is 13" x 12" x 5".