Gsender, BitZero v2 probe settings

Hi! Pretty new to CNC, want to use gSender with my S5P, was wondering what settings I should be configuring for the probing function in gSender to work? I have successfully z-probed by setting the height at 13mm, but I didn’t see any info on the offsets for X & Y.

Does the built-in probe tooling even work w/ BitZero V2, or do I need a macro for that? Any help would be appreciated, as I am just getting started, but I can already tell that CM is too limited for what I want to do. I’m much more the “open the hood and learn how it works” type, and I have big ambitions for this machine.

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The only way I know how in gSender is with macros. (1022 Bytes)

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Worked perfectly…thank you! I cut out my first test piece tonight, thanks in no small part to your answer!


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