Gsender new update

A pretty significant update with some pretty cool new features, check it out.


Are you using this with a Shapeoko Machine? :thinking:

I used gSender for a bit on my machine before I switched to Linuxcnc. It works well and was much more powerful than CM. I also think it was better than CNCjs which I had issues with.

Yessir. On my HDM.

And, as I always say, if I can use it, anyone can.

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I use Gsender also. If it was a question, I like it because it doesn’t give you a chance to say, oops.

When you press start, it starts and doesn’t ask questions. So you better know things are right.

Do you still use CC to create the Gcode?

I used USG a few years ago with my first CNC which was a Sainsmart 3018.
Still have it but never use it anymore. I even upgraded to the latest spindle for it.

Now I have the XXL Pro and LOVE IT!

You can generate gcode in any way you want.
gSender is just the machine control interface. It is based on cncjs (which has been used around here for a long time), but has been taken much further and it’s very well done.

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As usual, my question was not explicit enough to get the answer I was looking for.
Does CC Gcode have any commands that may not be interpreted correctly through another machine control interface. Will it be fine that I have a Shapeoko CNC?

I am thinking that Gcode is Gcode and will be fine.

Just trying to avoid any problems in advance.

As long as that machine control interface handles Grbl firmware (gSender does), you should be good.
That said, Carbide Motion handles much of the workflow for you. If you’ve been using Motion exclusively since you got here, you may find that you have to develop your own workflow. You’ll have more freedom, but you’ll also be responsible for more.
What is it that Carbide Motion isn’t doing?


Reminds me of a quote from the great Paul Harvey,
Self-government won’t work without self-discipline.{ Landon Lecture September 19, 2003 }

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The only thing I would be concerned about is if you are doing manual speed changes (aka using a router). This is one of part of the CM workflow that you won’t have when you are running gSender. If you have a router, CM will watch for speed changes and pause the program for you to set the speed.

The most important thing here is that you won’t be prompted to turn on (or OFF!) the router.

So, the router will not start automatically or shut off when the job is done?

That should work the same. What @crpalmer is saying is that if you’re currently having to manually turn the router on/off (no BitRunner), you won’t get the little prompts to tell you do so.
If your router is currently controlled by gcode (bitRunner, superPID, iot Relay, etc), then the gcode will continue to control it.

In the software I can setup BitZero V2 and BitRunner will run with Gcode.
What about BitSetter, is this run by Gcode or will this be done manually?

One thing to note is that, owing to problems that some users of gSender were having with version 1.2.0, Sienci responded very quickly and posted 1.2.1. just yesterday - June 23.


I just watched this video on how to setup gsender to run remotely on a touch pad or cell phone via wi-fi.

Run Your CNC Router REMOTELY with Your PHONE!! - YouTube

No game pad needed. Very cool!

Latest gsender download > Introducing gSender | Sienci Labs
The video is very good at explaining the way to setup remote but here is the link of instructions. > Installation - gSender Docs

Nice little FYI.


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