Guidance for a newbie

Has anyone just purchased the router and how has its performance been?

Which router do you mean?

the router that is listed on the Carbide 3D website. Carbide Compact Router +$ 80.00

I’ve had a couple and they’ve all worked well for me.

There have been some instances where folks have had premature failures — we send out a replacement at need per the 12 month warranty — in very rare instances we’ve had to send out 3, and I believe on one, maybe two or three occasions we’ve sent out a 4th before the customer got a unit which worked well for them.

A person who was good at calculating mathematical statistics could use that to determine the failure reate.

I purchased the router with my Shapeoko Pro XXL. I’ve had it for I believe over three years now and it runs like a top!

No complaints here!

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