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@Ensalaco @Griff i have a question for yall that have made guitars before or still do. I will start out by saying I do not play and have no idea the lingo associated, however my brother in law does and I want to build him either a strat or telecaster. I have found plenty of videos and build plans but do not know where to buy parts or even a list of parts I would need to look for. I understand would need pickups, strings what should I look for? Is there an all inclusive kit out there? Open to knowledge or experience anyone has. But looking for most expensive parts as if he wants to improve it can be on his dime lol! Acoustic is ab option i am open to as well.

Some previous threads/resources:

The subreddit: has a number of useful links in its sidebar

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Thanks @WillAdams i have read some of these but must have missed the first one that details the list of items besides the wood, okay with spending a decent amout to get a good sound but some parts were close to 7 or 800 for a single part. I am out of my element so dont know what parts are good ones, I plan on going to a guitar shop and learning more as well as look at used parts. is a wealth of all the information on building telecasters. I would recommend building a tele first only because the body is 2d.

I’ll say my first shots at a neck were tough. It took several attempts before getting a usable neck.
I actually just built another haven’t posted here yet.


Thank you i am just really out of my element because i have zero knowledge on guitars, parts ect. I am a woodworker and depending how you look at it a good one or maybe a bad one. I am one who chopped of 4 fingers tips on my left hand with a table saw and only have 3 re-attached (missing 1/3of pinky) but have minimal feeling in my left fingers. So signs of a woodworker good or bad hahaha depending on how you look at it. I dont know that I could even play guitar with how my left hand is but want to tey and make one!

Start with a Tele. If you’re comfortable with two sided projects, you can get a standard Tele bridge where the strings go through the back of the key to the front. If you’re not quite ready for a two sided project, buy a “front loader” bridge which means the string attach on the front of the guitar and does not go through the body. You can buy all the pasts for a Tele for about $250 for basic quality.

Are you making the neck too?

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I plan on giving the neck a try as well. I have done a ton of 2 sided projects with chess pieces and challenge coins ect so comfortable and have nailed consistently down in that department. Thank you for the info! More research and pribably cut in foam to see how it goes and not waste good wood while i gather parts and continued homework. Thank you again! @Ensalaco

Cool. Send me a message when your starting to plan the build out and I will give you my email. I can help you source the parts etc.

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Awesome thank you it will be a little bit when i do so got some paying projects to knock out first.

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