Telecaster guitar

Found some models on the internet and worked with a friend to modify them into a millable telecaster copy.

The neck took 5 tries because I had issues with origin repeatability.

The neck is some oak handrails I garbage picked. The body is a kitchen table I garbage picked with some oak laminated on top.

I milled the neck plate and the control plate from aluminum. I carved the nut by hand from corian and did all the fret work myself. It plays pretty well, but needs some more setup work.

Album of more pictures


Amazing work!!! I am hoping to build some electric bodies and purchase necks to get into guitar building for myself and a few friends. I’m curious what you used for CAD and CAM to do the design work. I am mid-level with V-CARVE but am thinking I need to get into Fusion 360 to get the design precision I believe I need to do electric guitars. My goal is a Tele with a maple neck and a natural gently stained body.

This was from a neck model I found online and a friend modified in fusion360 to make it millable. We found most of the stuff out there was not ready for CNC. I milled the fret slots on mine, so that is something most of the models didn’t have.

The body is no problem since it is all 2d. My strings go through the bridge (not body) so it is single sided too.

I’m not really familiar with vcarve, but I’ve seen tons of threads of people using it to make necks, so you should be good there.

Using CNC to make it felt like cheating, until I had to do a fret install/leveling/crowning.

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