Guitar Pedalboard

I’ve had this guitar pedalboard designed for a few months and I finally had time yesterday to cut it and see if it would work, and it does. It all goes together without any glue or fasteners tight like a tiger with a few taps from a rubber mallet. I used 1/2” maple plywood I had laying around and it’s super sturdy.


Looks great. I have a guitar buddy that would love one. Any chance you would share the file or put it on CutRocket?

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Nice work! Is that velcro on the slats?

Also, cool SG. I haven’t seen that one. Custom?

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Yes velcro. Then each pedal has the opposing side. Allows you to move them around as needed when you add or drop a pedal.

Epiphone SG Limited with EMG 81/85 that I then customized further.

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Happy to share the file.


You could have put port and starboard side the correct way around :wink:
Nicely done.


Hey man! Nice work on the pedal board! Id love to make one if you dont mind.

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Nice! Musssssst have haha.

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I need to do the exact same thing for my wife’s pedal board. I’m thinking of one that has an integrated cover as well, perhaps out of 1/4 ply.

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