Gun Grip Design Files

Does anyone know of a source for handgun grip design files? I’m searching for various Sig and S&W models but seem only to find designs for the 1911.

Have you checked on Grabcad? They seem to have many firearms and firearm-related designs.

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I have and can not find much of what I’d hoped for.

It may be a tall order for guns from “private” manufacturers (private in the sense that the designs are proprietary information owned by the respective companies, versus something like the 1911 that was a US military service pistol with the design information being widespread).

If have have or can get access to the handguns of interest (or just the grips), you may be able to do some reverse-engineering of sorts. Using 1:1 printouts from CAD, you could figure out the outline shape and the cross section profile (in multiple locations, depending on how “3D” the grip is). For the outline, just lay it on there and keep iterating till they match. For the cross-section profile(s), you could cut the profile out of the prinout out with an X-acto knife and then cut a slit out to the edge of the paper and see how it fits your paper “hole” with the slit closed back up.

Short of that, some type of 3D scanner and the software to turn the point cloud into usable CAD surfaces. You may be able to find service bureaus that offer such as a service or a local makerspace may have those resources.

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