Halftone Generator

I tried using this halftone generator on Cutrocket

and have to say I’m slightly addicted. It’s a great free utility. Ive attached the latest version of what I carved. It took me some experimenting but I’m pretty happy with where this wound up. I used a 30 degreased Vee bit and set the dots 1/16" apart. Next step is to figure out what is the best medium to use. This was a scrap piece of MDF. Im thinking of using white mat board with a black core.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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If you invert the images, like a negative of a photo, you can paint or use a dark stain on your lighter stock. It’s a little easier than finding stock with a dark base.


Thanks that looks great. It won’t let me upload my picture and I have no idea why

I don’t see a reason for you not being able to upload — is the file size egregiously large? What file format?


Here’s the latest work on the halftone. Thanks for your collective help.

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