Hall of Dust shoes

(Griff ) #21

Printed a mod of the design posted above. I also designed a split sleeve adapter so I can use the shoe with either a Makita or DeWalt.

Split sleeve: https://a360.co/2GCvPrX

Dust shoe: https://a360.co/2kcASGT

This is changed significantly from the original so I’m guessing its ok to share. Namely, the vacuum passage has been opened up and the lugs for the bolt/nut thickened. I’m no internet lawyer though, so any objections let me know.

(Pete) #22

I am trying to find the time to get this part(or some revision) printed. Any tips/suggestions on the printing? Did you use supports throughout or just touching the build plate?

(Griff ) #23

This is a preview from Slic3r Prusa edition. It automatically generated the supports. I’m very new to 3d print so…

(Joseph J Whitney) #24

If you’re cheap and lazy. Don’t know if this qualifies as a dust shoe but…plastic mayonnaise jar trimmed down, split on one side, tarp tie-down to hold vacuum hose near spindle. Certainly not perfect, probably falls into that crude but effective category:wink:

(Brian Boatright) #25

I did a remix of this one that was designed for the dewalt, gave it a little more lip on the top so you can drill/tap a screw to help secure it in place.