Halloween Corrugated Plastic Sheets

Working on Halloween. This years theme is haunted arcade. First time I used the Shapeoko to cut corrugated plastic sheets. I’m turning my front lawn into a Pac-Man board. Had some issues with “furry” edges and am looking for suggestions from anyone that has end-mill recommendations to make a smoother edge.


Downcutting plastic bit. Something like this:

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Thank you, I appreciate the follow-up. I will definitely check it out.

I’ve been using a downcutting bit to cut some projects that I used to do with upcutting and they come out absolutely gorgeous with only a light sanding needed, vs lots of fuzzy sanding. The only thing to be aware of is cheap clearance. I’ve been chasing the bit with some canned air every other pass to blow out chips trapped in the cut. I’m curious if the Suckit directed boot would do a better job.

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I use a drag knife a lot, to cutthinner materials, but they are still pretty expensive to get.
It probably wouldn’t be worth it unless you cut alot of thin stuff like that.

Worked up a design for one here: https://www.shapeoko.com/wiki/index.php/3D_printed_SO3_Drag_Knife — should be possible to mill it out, might have to drill after assembly.

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