Halloween tombstones

I modified a couple easel designs to make some custom tombstones. I used super cheap plywood so my vinyl mask didn’t stick as well, so the letters aren’t as crisp.


Live and learn. You wont likely be handing these things as family heirlooms and it is for Haloween. So let lighten up on yourself and enjoy your Halloween fun. I would bet you wont have any 5 year old trick or treaters critique your work.

A few days ago someone had masking being chewed up so several gave advise.

  1. Use a J roller to stick mask down.

  2. Use a heat gun to slightly heat mask and roll again

  3. Apply dewaxed shellac to ply surface before applying mask. Alternatively you could apply base coat of paint. The shellac dries on 30 minutes where paint likely to take 24 hours or more to dry before mask application.

May Greedo rest in pieces.


I think the scariest thing about your Halloween is having taken sides on whether Han shot first…

The Greedo one should read “He didn’t shoot first”

In the 1977 edition, Greedo did not shoot. All other versions were altered.

How about “Han shot first”?