Hand held laser engraver

Anyone have a hand held or portable laser engraver. I saw this laser called laserpecker. I’m looking for simple engraving so i dont think a permanent mounted laser is something i need.

so not something you would want to temporarily attach to your Shapeoko? (just asking since you posted in the Shapeoko category)

nothing attached to shapeoko

I have seen those advertised. They look pretty cool but a guy just has to wonder how good it really works. They can make the advertising look very good.

I would look at an Ortur/Neje LaserMaster 1 or something along the small gantry style. Probably get much better results than with that little pecker thing.

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I went and looked at some of what Scott suggested and at the LaserPecker. It looks to me like the Ortur/Neje LaserMaster 1 type would be more versatile due to the size. The LaserPacker has a relatively small engraving area. But if all you want to do is put on small things then t he LaserPecker would be fine. Both of these products seem competitive in price at around $200.00 US. Although I found the LaserPecker as high as $400.00, buyer beware.

Edit: I took another look and the varying options make the price wildly vary and I was not really doing an apples to apples comparison. Seems you will have to drive much deeper to compare the two products with power options an equipment.

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