Hand painted PVC Sign

Made out of 3/4" think PVC from the big box store, hand painted with oneshot.


Very nice. Im curious, how do you like the one shot enamel? Been using acrylic paint on wood signs but im interested to see if there are better options out there such as this? Some colors dont cover that well (red, white always take me multiple coats)

Thank you, I like it I used to hand letter about 20 years ago. A couple coats on the PVC, thinned with mineral spirits.


Are the face edges of your lines clean?

Iā€™m cutting 1/2" PVC. .250 endmill, .12 DOC, 100 speed, 80 plunge.
Cutting is fine but my letter edge quality is not so great. The long straight lines are
a tad wavy.