Hard copies of tutorials

Hi All,

Is there a source or method to get hard copies of some of the tutorials. " Working with Homing " is
at the top of my want list. Would be handing having a print out of the instructions while working at the machine.

Thanks !

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I’m afraid that what we have online is it.

They seem to print out pretty well if you print to a tabloid sized landscape PDF, then print that to fit to a letter-sized page.

Alternately, copy everything, paste it into a Word .doc and arrange as desired.

I’ve suggested working up a print-oriented cascading style sheet (CSS), but there doesn’t seem to be much interest in it — I’ve also suggested my working up a custom LaTeX package which would allow us to create nice PDFs from the source, but again, no interest.

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Thanks Will,
Got the copy and paste to Word.doc to work good enough. New trick I did not know about.

Thanks, Brian
PS: Us older folk need more memory assistance ! :grin:

Alternatively one could use a free online web-to-pdf converter. There are a number of them on the internet, the following are two such examples:


While not perfect (they unfortunately tend to make page breaks in inconvenient places) they are a lot less time consuming than the copy-to-.doc operation.


Thanks Patrick for the additional tips.