Harvey Woodworking

Top quality products & tools. They are having a huge sale with unbelievable discounts. I picked the Alpha HW615P, 3HP bandsaw, normal price is $2,999.00, I got it for $2,399, I also added the $400 mitre fence for $279, and got a few more tools like the one tool, and a few planer blocks.


For folks who aren’t familiar, this is the company which bought Bridge City Tool Works:

One tool which they make which is of esp. note is their Gyro Air which was mentioned/reviewed:

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I have been receiving their marketing emails because I was a customer of Bridge City Tools. The Bridge City Tools are excellent but since they seem to be selling off their inventory I wonder if Harvey Woodworking will remake the Bridge City Tool Line. I know I have read articles about Harvey Woodworking wanting to jump into the consumer market. They have been in the industrial market for some time.

The interesting think about John Economaki is he was a professional woodworker and designer. He became allergic to many of the exotic woods sawdust that he liked to work in. So he was given lemons in life and made lemonade by starting Bridge City Tool Works. He just took his knowledge of design and woodworking and started designing tools.

John Economaki founded Bridge City in 1983. After 35 years of running Bridge City Tool Works, John Economaki, iconic designer of heirloom quality woodworking hand tools, has decided it’s time to step down and hand over the reigns to his friend and Chinese licensing partner, Jack Xu, CEO of Harvey industries, Ltd.

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They are making the tools (the big sell-off of inventory of U.S. tools was a while back and over quickly and culminated in the sale of a large cache to a collector) — in China — which I’m a bit disappointed at, but given that the only U.S. produced tools from BCTW I have are a couple of rules (my first big purchase from them was the Chopstick Master v2 which was their first tool produced in China), can’t really complain about.

The current marketing w/ the on-going limited quantity sales seems to be a way to ensure a certain minimum cash flow/order quantity on an on-going basis, which seems to be working.

Still saving up for a DJ-3 and a JointMaker Pro v2 myself, and wish that they would make a drill (I have the PB-3 brace), then I’ll just need to track down a Stanley #50 and #51 Shooting Plane and Board and I’ll have everything I need save for a bandsaw (which brings us full circle).

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The JP3 is only $500.00 as this morning regularly $700.00 and of course you need the DJ-3-J large jaw accessory which is on sale $279 regularity $299. So for $779 you could have the ultimate drilling jig.


This is my favorite toy. I had to get both the left & the right side. I made tons of fun stuff for the kids with these.


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