Has anybody a DXF file for the pocket outline of Dayton Audio 4" ND105-4, ND105-8 or ND105-PR speaker/passive radiator?

Please share

ND105-PR_4_passive_radiator_outline.dxf (185.7 KB)
Here ya go. :slight_smile:

Thanks. What is the size in mm. of the DXF (should be 105 mm. wide) ?

I modeled it from that drawing, so yes, 105mm

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Do I need to add 1 mm. to make the radiator fit in the pocket ?
I scaled it 1.01 just to be safe

I would try cutting it at your 1% (1.01 scale) & see how it fits.
It really depends on the tolerances used when manufacturing the bezel.
If it doesn’t fit, adjust the curve & recut with a profile (contour) cut. (Adapt & Overcome :wink: )

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