Has anyone actually gotten Cust Support?!

Really getting frustrated with carbide3D… Ordered 5 pro with the spindle kit last month. It came 3 days ago. My account says the spindle was shipped. UPS only shows that the label was created and does not show that they received the package. The estimated delivery date came and went days ago and UPS site still says only that carbide3D created the label! I have emailed customer service multiple times only to get a replies with a link to the UPS tracking, which of course I already know. They clearly haven’t taken the time to read my emails, let alone address the shipping issue with UPS. If this is customer support, perhaps the best course of action is return the boxes I received and get a refund. Anyone know how to actually get support? What is the return process?

Hey there Robert, as Jenny mentioned in response to your ticket yesterday, you should be receiving the VFD soon. I’ll see if someone can shed light on the label or tracking info through the ticket.


I appreciate the reply, Josh. But, given we are well past UPS’s estimated delivery date and the anomalous tracking data remains unchanged, I am not reassured. I am not privy to your shipping processes and my request to customer service was to actually check with shipping/UPS. Boxes get misplaced, labels don’t get attached, or fall off, etc.

Yep, understood. I posted in slack to see if someone could look and make sure a shipment actually went out, or see what’s going on with it. But as I’m not on site I don’t have much more to offer currently.
You should get an update through the ticket, as I mentioned.

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:pray:thank you. I’ll check the responses

Customer Service and tech support are top notch.

UPS is unreliable.


I ordered mine to Canada, 5 pro was Fedex’d from one place and the spindle was UPS’d from California. I experienced a similar situation. Seems the problem lies in the shipping companies. Seems they are experiencing a surge. I had good support from Carbide 3D.

Carbide 3D sent out a spindle which I received after a day in transit. Now to assemble.