Has anyone etched granite with a j-tech laser?

are j-tech lasers powerful enough to etch stone? i really like etching stone but diamond drag bits are expensive and dont last long. if anyone has info or advice on etching stone/granite with a laser i would much appreciate it

I’ll assume the laser is 5.5 watts.
I have etched white tiles by spraying the surface with paint, the laser interacts with the TIO2 and will etch into the tile.
I have done the back side without painting but its really faint.
Worth experimenting and testing.

I dont own a laser yet but I am considering buying the J-tech 7 watt laser, hoping it would etch dark colored natural stones? thank you for the feedback

I am currently playing around with an Ortur mini laser, with a 5.5 watt laser, and it will etch slate. The laser module is rated as a 20 watt input, 5.5 watt optical output.

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