Has anyone experimented with this type of vacuum pod?

Any thoughts and/or analysis?



Do ypu have a good vacuum source?. You can make venturi type vac with an air compressor. Real vac pumps cost $$$


I’m referring to the actual vacuum pod. Has anyone in this forum used something similar. This company is in the US and makes several sizes. Here is a solution using the Venturi with an air compressor under $100

I just would like a hands on review.




They are pretty handy but do need a constant source of air - so if you only have a small air compressor it’s going to struggle to keep up. A small diaphragm vac pumps are small and pretty nice to work with, whilst they are always on they are quiet.


Why would you expect anything less of a vacuum air system than of a compressed air system? The two are exactly alike except for the direction of the pressure. :smiley:

You need a reservoir for the vacuum for the same reason you need one for compressed air; saves your mechanical tools. (An old retired propane cylinder can be pressed into service.)

The real jobs are to get a good seal under your parts, and to keep from cutting up that vacuum pod! :smiley:

I’ve made my own with some stuff from veneersupplies.com. They sell some pods there and some ball valves and other things you can use. I have a Gast vacuum pump that Woodcraft used to sell as part of a bag veneering kit. It has pretty low volume but works well for small holdings. I don’t see where spending $69 is going to give me something that I can’t make myself for a lot less.

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