Has anyone here shimmed their x axis?

I am now fine tuning my machine and my x axis is 16 thou higher on the right then the left. Has anyone here shimmed their x axis? I dont want want to pop the bolts out of the bearing block to find out theres locating pins that will make it impossible to shim or find out find out after the fact that there isnt enough bolt play to add 15 thou of head room.

I am using saunders machine works 1/2 inch fixture plates, all 40 m6 were torqued down with a torque wrench. Surfaces were cleaned with alcohol prior to laying down the plates. The deviation is a constant grade from left to right with no jumps so I know its my gantry and not the plates.

I have already messaged support and that went no where as I mentioned in the email that im using 1/2 inch smw plates and support replied to me asking me to send a photo of my hybrid table with no other information.

Ive included some photos and video of how this was measured and how the plates are mounted



It looks like the easiest way would be to shim the right Y axis up 0.016. 5 Bolts holding the Y axis to the cross members that your plates are bolted to. Shim between the cross members & the Y axis extrusion.
I assume you also measured front to back?
Bolts & dowels do not make it impossible to shim, you may just need some holes in your shims.
I believe standard grade aluminum foil is about 0.001" thick. This is what I used to shim my Z axis.

I haven’t checked my X axis parallel to the cross members. I just surfaced my hybrid table.
But I like where you’re going with this. I’ve dialed my machine in to about ±0.003" over the entire work envelope. This might help me get it a bit closer.

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