Has anyone used any levelling compound on their worktops?

Evening guys,

I was looking at my workstation and note it’s not 100% level due to having a plywood top. I was wondering if anyone has done a pour of either flexible floor coating or some kind of epoxy to give a completely flat/level finish?

I was thinking of using a kit a bit like this:


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I think @grumpa used some self leveling material on his workbench IIRC?


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Hey Dan, good memory… Yes Luke I used self leveling cement for my worktop on my cnc station. It worked out perfectly level and obviously quite strong. I poured it in place about 3/4" thick.
I’ve been away from action for quite a while due to preparing to move. Plan to be back in action next Jan. after I build my new house and workshop aka “Sangrala” (sp?). Good luck Luke and thanks for the mention Dan, it reminded me how much I enjoyed “musing” about this stuff. Jude


Hey guys

As a little update I’ve ordered a 5kg epoxy primer kit - at £50 its not cheap but it should do the job. I was worried a screed top might not allow me to expand upwards in the form of an enclosure.

I will let you know how things progress.

I pulled my machine off this evening and did my pour.

Looks pretty and flat compared to before


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