Has the Shapeoko 3 changed at all in 2.5 years

Found a guy who is selling an 2.5 year old Shapeoko 3. Looks to be well taken care of… decent price… has the shapeoko 3 changed at all in the last 2.5 years? have they made any upgrades to the machine? just trying to decide if i should buy this used one, or if i should buy one new. any recommendations?

I picked up a used early model. From what I understand the Z axis plate was upgraded at some point and the control board. Also the belts were wider in later models? I’m not quite sure on that part though.
Both of which can be replaced. If you have concerns open a case with support and let them know the serial number.

If the price is good, go for it. Support has been crazy amazing on both machines I picked up used.

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  • there was the launch edition, had the old style Z-axis plate, aluminum electronics housing, 6mm belts, no homing switches — came in individual parts to assemble
  • Summer 2016 the XL and XXL came out — new Z-axis plate, sheet metal electronics enclosure, 9mm belts, homing switches standard — preassembled components

Since then the wiring has been provided as a harness rather than as discrete parts, but that’s it.

You can upgrade a machine by:

The other difference is the electronics controller — we’re up to 2.4e — you can upgrade that or get a replacement by contacting us at support@carbide3d.com

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