Have the misleading default F&S in CC been fixed at last?

I see a new version of CC snuck out yesterday… Interestingly the change notes are


  • (FIX) Minimum RPM for speed/feed calculation
  • (FIX) Round RPM values
  • (FIX) Tweak feed/speed data

Does this mean at long last the default Feeds and Speeds for shapeoko users has been fixed? Or not?

It would be good to have further detail on what has changed to explain the very cryptic note above.


Oh my, they DID IT ! :+1:
I just installed 433 and checked with a dummy toolpath that I get this when “Nomad883” is selected:
and by just selecting “Shapeoko3” instead, the toolpath becomes

I played with various materials and tools and the RPM is never below 10.000 when Shapeoko is selected. At least that covers team Makita, and team Dewalt will be “closer” than before.

Haven’t had time yet to check whether the recommended values themselves are better.

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Where is it?..

It’s available at: https://carbide3d.com/carbidecreate/unstable/

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