Having a hard time creating my SVG file


I’m super new, like the kind of new that haven’t actually done anything with my shapeoko yet (it arrives tomorrow :grinning:). I usually do all my engravings/carvings with my router by hand, but since I’ll have my CNC soon, I figure I should give a try to my newest project. I’m making a flag with a military logo in the middle of it, the problem that I have is that once I convert my .PNG file into an SVG and load it into Carbide Create; each line it seems like it has 7 nodes. The image looks unreadable, is there something I can do to remedy this? See the image below for reference

Thank you very much in advance

How are you converting from .png to .svg?
If you use the Trace function in CC, you can adjust the Threshold slider to improve the image.
Can you post a link to the .png image? I found a .jpg but although it’s pretty big, it’s mediocre quality.



I’m using Adobe express to convert the .PNG to .SVG. This is the file I am using

You want a better quality original.

Fiddling with the threshold slider in Caribde Create’s Image Tracing feature:

You get:

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Got it. Thank you. I will try and get a better quality original

In the absence of that, you would need to import the pixel image:

and adjust things, and for example, reset the text (Arial Bold and ITC Benguiat)

Attached as a v7 file.

US Army 2nd Rec Brig.c2d (428 KB)

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