Having Problems using V-carve

Can Someone please look at the attached file and tell me what I am doing wrong. I am trying to use V-carve for the sign and not all the letters are coming through during the simulation.


Tony LeoneSun Dogs.c2d (12.7 KB)

What typeface are you using?

I believe the problem is that it is poorly constructed, with incorrect winding — Carbide Create expects paths which have been made using the PostScript fill rule of left-hand toward fill, so first path is counter-clockwise, inner path is clockwise, alternate for any further paths.

You can fix this by setting the type in a tool which will convert type to paths and fixing the direction of the paths of the problem letters — let us know which drawing tool you choose to use and we can look up how to do this (Adobe Illustrator requires a script which is one of the things which I hate about it).

You might be able to fix it by unioning the type with another path which will convert it into a polyline.


I used the Bella Donna - Regular font in Carbide Create. Should I have created it Inkscape 1st? and done something to the font to correct the path? This is my 1st jump into this and not sure what to do.



Three ways to fix this:

  • use a properly built font (or contact the font vendor and have them fix it)
  • convert the font to a polyline in Carbide Create by unioning or subtracting it from something with Boolean operation
  • set the type in Inkscape, convert the type to a path there (Path | Object to Path) then select the problem letters and do Path | Reverse

Then save as an SVG, import into Carbide Create and assign toolpaths there.