Having Trouble Designing Dresser Drawer Guide

I have worked on this for a few hours now and don’t seem to get anywhere with it.

This is a guide for a dresser drawer that I want to make.

I think I have it close enough now but having trouble with the toolpath cutouts.

Would there be a better way to design this than the way I did it by just piecing together rectangles and polygon lines? I think there must be.

Drawer Guide no toolpaths.c2d (60 KB)
dimensions are:

2.42 wide
1.12 from top to top of center rectangle cutout
Center rectangle is .3 high and 1.18 wide
Bottom opening is .78"
.25" to very bottom

None of these measurements are critical.

Something which will help this is to import the pixel image into your file:

“Set Background”

With the image in place it becomes a bit easier to arrange the elements so that their sizes and positions match up.

Drag elements into register and verify position/scale:

In some places a slight adjustment of the geometry is warranted:

Where necessary, duplicate geometry:

and then nudge the duplicates into position:

Then draw in geometry for the outline:

Select everything, and Boolean Union:


Clean up:

and then it’s simply a matter of assigning suitable toolpaths — note that you’ll want a flat-bottomed hole for the screws, and then a narrow through hole at the center.


Here’s a v7 version of the file.
Drawer Guide no toolpaths_v7.c2d (1.6 MB)