Having trouble v carving

hi I’m a newbie to cnc engraving
I have a shapeoko 4 xxl that I just got last month

I’m trying to to use endmill then a vbit on some words
I have tried advanced vcarve with no success I got a file off internet that used advanced vcarve for the words and I like how the words looked when done the letters are carved wide and on the edge but I cant figure out how get my words to look like them
my c2d file is attached
thanks in advance

Christmas Sign Arrows.c2d (338.6 KB)

ok so small tweaks done to your file
updatedsign.c2d (333.5 KB)

try 2:
updatedsign.c2d (333.5 KB)

the problem your file had was that the text was too narrow for the depth you wanted to cut it with the V bit. Nowhere in the text would a 60 degree bit reach 0.25" deep… which means there are no flat areas for advanced vcarve to make flat.
I changed your depth to 0.125" and… suddenly there’s flat areas.

Now if you want the 0.25" you have two options

  1. Get a more bold font (so wider parts of the letters)
  2. Go to a 30 degree or 45 degree V bit instead

hi fenrus
thanks for the quick reply I will look into the updated file and run it but i cant down load the updated file goes to a page that says could be privat
I thought that if I went .250 down I could achieve what I was looking for
that the only reason i had it set to that
thanks again

I copied the link and pasted it into a web page. Instead of downloading it I got the dialog box in Windows and I checked the box to open with CarbideCreate and it came up in cc. Usually most files on the forum you can just download and use. Not sure why this one tries to take you to a web page.

I edit the post and tried to add a 2nd copy of it… maybe tht one works better?

@fenrus the second attachment worked and it looks like what I’m wanting
have to get 60 degree bit before I can try it

if you’re going to buy anyway also consider 45 or 30 degrees…

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