Having trouble with specific angle cut

Hello, just trying to get some advice on cutting specific angles with my Shapeoko XXL.

I’m pocketing letters on a board and it’s always the same angle that gets me a crooked line. Not sure if there is a specific adjustment I need to make with the Shapeoko itself to get it cleared up.

Any other design seems to work great. It’s just when I make letters I have this repetitive issue. If I rotate the design it’s much better, but I have located clamps where I can quickly pop in and out 2’ wood pieces going horizontal. The angle that has issue is a line going from top left to bottom right. I have the pic below. The A F L Q letters are facing the front of the Shapeoko for perspective purposes. The issue is most exaggerated with the A and the Z

It sounds like the machine pulling or pushing (conventional or climbing cut) against the most flexible axes on the machine, but also flexible for what reason. Sounds like you need to look at squaring, belt tensioning, vee-wheel adjustment and a review of cut aggression (is the cut more than the machine can realistically hold true).


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