Having trouble with text letters overlapping

I am working on a name sign and the letters are running into each other and I can’t figure out how to fix it. Anyone have any suggestions that may help me? Again, I’m sure it’s just me doing something wrong, but I’m sort of stuck.

With that font, the letters are intentionally designed to run into each other to create a “handwriting” effect. You could adjust the letter “spacing” (in the text dialog box) and/or “convert to curves” (also in the text dialing box) and then manually move the letters to whatever spacing you want.

Personally, I like fonts like this one. If you keep the letters overlapped, you can convert to curves and then do a Boolean union with the entire text to clean it all up before carving.

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Hey @BiggCountry i have had this issue before and i used the offset function. It is the D shapped figure on the left with the green and blue lines. I start with a small outside offset lets ssy .05 to .1 and work my way through various trials until the overlap is gone. Could do it with an inside offset as well just depends on what you are wanting.

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When I said, “letters overlapping”, I was referring to the lines crossing each other. I like the font, just couldn’t get the lines where they weren’t overlapped so I wasn’t sure what that would do when cutting. So, your recommendation on converting to curves and the doing a Boolean was spot on. Thank you.

Please see:


Will that is a great tip on merging the text. My only real criticism of C3D is their documentation. Not that there is not documentation but where to find it. Like this blog. Full of good stuff but I did not know where to find it. Now is that because I have not looked or because there is no unified place to find C3D information. I pay attention on the forum and have never seen any reference to this blog. I have followed your github links and found that helpful.

Is there a unified place that brings all the information available in one place?

Anyone who can’t find something should write in to support@carbide3d.com

Will good advise but you dont know what you dont know. So a central repository would be helpful.

Everything should be listed at:


Please let me know if there are any lacunae, or corrections to be made, or any points of improvement.

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