HDM AluminumFeeds and Speeds

I wanted to start a thread where future HDM owners can share feeds for different tool paths in aluminum as it will be one of it’s primary materials.

Winston’s pumpkin project feeds with 1.5 KW 110v spindle

278-z .25" single flute Zrn coated 6061 Aluminum, Dry, Adaptive clearing
22k RPM
78 IPM / 2000 MM
D.O.C .1" / 2.5 MM
W.O.C .06" / .15 MM

This is conservative and he ended up going 50% faster.

278-z 6061, Dry, Contour / Slotting
22k RPM
62 IPM / 1575 MM
D.O.C .03" / .75mm
Stepover .025" / .64 MM
Roughing enabled

I’m curious if the 2.2kw spindle on the HDM can run a 50mm facing mill like this guys DIY machine can. The build is similar?


If setup properly I’d say yes.
I just have a compact router on my Pro XXL and am very pleased with my results.
Although I do not have a fancy gauge like you have.

In my humble opinion of course.

Forgot to mention I do not have an HDM either…

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My current 3d adaptive settings on the Pro with no HDZ and a Makita router are #278@18000 rpm, 48 ipm, .04 doc and .11 optimal load.
I am currently installing the HDZ and a 1.5kw on my Pro so I will update later with new numbers.
Looking forward to comparing to the HDM.


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