HDM Ball Nut cleaning

Hi, has anyone cleaned their HDM ball nut? If so, how did you do it?


This is a link to Matts spindle build where you can see the Z axis ball nut and wiper. I am curious if this is just for maintenance or are you having issues with debris in the nut?

I have 2.5" brushes on my Y axis that help massively with keeping chips out of the sides. I vacuum the X and Z rails and screws after every run.

My Y axis wiper came loose and I didn’t notice until there is visible dirtiness on the ball screw. I put the wiper back in, but I want to clean the ball nut.

Generally a little mobil vactra no 2 oil will keep things going. The ball screws we use have an incredibly long service life, usually any dirt that does get in them will breakdown and work it’s way out when kept lubricated and regally cleaned as per the manual…

You can flush them with oil using the service port, but it is a little tricky to get to.

Don’t remove or try to remove the ball nut from the ball screw.

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Since I had to reattach the wiper, it is already disconnected from the gantry carriage. I’ll flush it out using the service port.