HDM Bigger size

Do you plan to make any bigger HDM machines in near future, I usually need 700x750 size which standard shapeoko XXL meets perfectly but HDM is a bit too small for that.

It is something we’re considering and not the first request. Right now priority will be going to making sure we can fulfil the current model (this is the first time we have shipped such a big/heavy machine. Initial shipping samples went well but - logistically a larger size is very challenging if we were to send fully assembled.


An HDM with a cutting area of 48 x 30 would be perfect.


Aren’t a fair number of the larger machines shipped as components which the user then has to assemble?

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Maybe hobby level machines, but not industrial or stout commercial level machines, which from my understanding is what you guys are trying to emulate here?

Marketing and such considerations are above my pay grade, and I will defer to what the higher-ups say.

while I understand general logistics problems, this is bigger than XL and smaller than XXL hence my confusion. i.e are the current dimensions better to ship than a slightly bigger XXL package?

I understand that while the XL and XXL are shipped as kits, the HDM is shipped fully assembled, so it’s much more bulky (it’s always much cheaper to ship “long flat” things than “cubes”)