HDM-Carbide Motion-VFD

Im running an HDM and I updated to Carbide Motion 618 and now every time I run an operation CM asks me to ok spindle speed changes before moving on. Is there a way to fix this and for the softwareto automatically do this step like previous versions? Thanks

It sounds like you have the machine configured as if it has a router, where you need to change the speed manually. So it’s not asking you to OK the speed change, it’s asking you to manually change the speed.

To run the setup wizard again, find the file C:\users<my user name>\AppData\Local\Carbide 3D\Carbide motion\shapeoko.json and delete it. Restart CM.

Or edit the file. I believe the appropriate options for a VFD spindle are:
“bitRunnerEnabled”: false
“showCarbideRouterRpm”: true
“spindleType”: 1

These are from the json file for my HDM

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