HDM Machine starting depth for V-carve inlay


I had a question. I’m trying to do an inlay and things are going well albeit one thing does concern me. When doing the inlay part the starting depth is a bit deep for my liking. I’ve slowed down the speed/feed to accommodate the big starting depth however was wondering is there anyway to have the clearance tool and/or another tool in the tool path step down in small increments rather than jump straight to that depth? At the moment the machine jumps to a depth of 0.2 inches and starts hogging out material. Is this fine for HDM and shouldn’t be worried?


Edit - snipped previous response since I didn’t read the question properly.

The start depth there means you’ve already cut out the area above with a different tool path.

You need to pocket the area down to 0.2" first.

(the clearance tools are quick ways to remove material inside the carved area, not a way to get down to the start depth)


Ahhhhh that makes total sense. :slight_smile: thank you that’ll help me out :slight_smile:

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