HDM Sample Part?

Hey everyone! I am looking to bring in some CNC capability to our engineering team for basic tooling, fixturing, and prototypes. The HDM looks to be perfect for our needs, but I have been requested to get a sample part run off an HDM specifically.

Would anyone here be able to run a part of ours that would showcase the finish quality? We can handle a card transaction or an invoice, but we wouldn’t want to deal with sending money via PayPal or anything like that.

The part would be some 1/8" slots and a 1/2" deep pocket on a 2 x 6" piece of stock. If a video could be provided of the part being cut, that would be a cherry on top.

Quality might be dependent on who created the tool-paths, not so much the machine.

What is the stock? 6061 aluminum?

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Yes, 6061 aluminum. I believe the question that they want to answer is “how far away from our Haas Mills is it?”. If our Haas VF4 takes 10 minutes to do a part, they would be satisfied if the HDM made a part of nearly equal quality in 20 minutes. Given that my proposed use case limits our use to profile and pocketing operations on it (not even threads, chamfers, or multi-tool operations), I think that the HDM would match the VF4 for most of the parts I would run across it.

I’m at a transition with mine, or I would.

The funny part is that the HDM might make a part in less time than a non-SS HAAS due to spindle speed.

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Hi David

I’m sure we could knock something up for you - can you share the part?


oh boy… :person_facepalming:

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Test_Part.zip (19.0 KB)

This would be the part we want to evaluate. I would put it at the bottom of the list of “interesting test parts”…

Right now I’m in the office, but I will try to run this next week for you if that’s alright?

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That would be incredible! PM me with the details if/when you get around to it!

Some photos for anyone else interested


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