HDM Stepper Motors

Is there a document that has the stepper motor specifications for the HDM? I’m not at my shop right now but I don’t recall the steppers having any motor decals on them.

Perhaps he wants to source a spare motor to have on hand.

We have them as a warranty item, and it should be possible to do a custom invoice for a spare.

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Weird vibe that carbide3d is starting to give off. I can’t think of any machine tool builder who would be reluctant to provide detailed specs to customers.

Q: “Hey what are the specs of the motor driving this device”

Every other manufacturer
A: “Here are the motor specs you requested.”

A: “We don’t want to tell you just trust that it does what you want.”

Whether it’s their intention or not it comes across as we don’t want to tell you because we specced the absolute minimum and cheapest steppers and don’t want you to know that.

I’d also like to know the specs and manufacturer of the stepper motors.

While I understand both sides to the story of this, it does give a weird vibe. One side of things, The actual motor specs dont matter nearly as much as the controller/stepper combo. If you dont have the power to push the motors then they wont move at x amount of speed and power. Keeping it simple lets support deal with things much faster because there is far less things that can go wrong and the majority of people are in that group where they are far more likley to make things worse then better if they go poking around. On the other hand of things, It makes it vastly more difficult for those who do know what they are doing to really dive in and change things as they need fit without playing detective to find the spec information needed. Not that it matters much for the vibe they give off here on the forum but I have gotten techincal information from support when I asked for it on a number of occasions.


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