HDM waiting room…

Anyone else here pre order the HDM? What will you make with it? I make slip fit acrylic parts that require high accuracy and repeatability is a must for the production runs I do. Excited to get this bad boy in my shop!
Any new ETA updates?


I pre-ordered mine a few weeks after the announcement, I have not heard anything about shipping yet. I can’t wait to get it setup and eradicate some 6061 :slight_smile:


I’m hesitant to order because I really need (want) a rotary 4th axis on my next machine and there’s no mention of this being possible on the HDM - would really love to see this

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Perfect topic for me… in Canada so i’m waiting…

Cant wait til deliveries start because then there may be a chance that Carbide3d starts thinking about shipping to their northern neighbor.


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