HDM Y Axis Jamming

Been running a lot of aluminum for the past 4 days and all of a sudden now the Y axis is jamming when I try to rehome. I can move the gantry forward to me a bit and on rehome it moves back on Y and up on Z and Right on X but after it hits the homing switch it just stops and jams moving forward on the Y?

Anyone have some suggestions to help? I called support and left a message, but dont want to be down all weekend with lots of stuff to run.

Do you have chips packing in the front and back inside where the Y rails are enclosed? I ask as I had that happen and cause homing issues.

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Looks like this nut came off on the right front, I can’t seem to get it tight and the screws are out of sync too… seems like a piss poor design??

I would suggest talking to support. It is pretty standard design to have a nut that holds the end of a ballscrew in a bearing like that. Typically there is also a jamb nut to prevent them from coming off.

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Yeah that’s what I would and will do with it. I need to get the rails back In sync and then find the size for a jam nut

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Interesting, surprised it isn’t a floating bearing with a c-clip. Curious if it is it pre-loaded via fixed between the two ends, both fixed on each-end or the motor side is floating? :thinking:

nvm, looks like the bearing is floating in that bore.

EDIT - Found the nuts on the floor. Must have fallen out of the cap when I pulled it off. Back in place with loctite.

I’ve not had this issue but it made me wonder…

My prototype HDM has zero nuts on right ballscrew and two on left…

I’ll be sending in a request.

Please wait on the call back from support.

This is the floating end of the ball screw not the DAC. The nut should not be tight - just tight enough to retain the nut with a small drop of thread lock.

Initial trouble shooting steps for a jamming Y rail would be to ensure the rails and ball screw are well lubricated.

Take machine back to home then power down. Ensure X is parallel, unplug Y motors and push each side back to the hard stop. Plug in motors and re power on then home.


Luke the nut on the one side was off, the other one ready to fall off. And the bearing had fallen out of the race. I’m guessing the locktite broke loose with the movement

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It sounds like it.

Do you have some lock tight to hand? If so I’d re assemble and apply liberally to the screw. Each nut has a small round face, that face should be towards bearing.

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I’ll use some on it, how tight should it be? Or just to hold the bearing in place?

Finger tight.

It’s just to keep the bearing in and that’s it

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The left nut (sic) on my X axis fell off too. My X axis was making some weird chattering noise, so finally I grabbed the ball screw & it was flopping in the wind. Popped the cap off & the nut & bearing were off.
A drop of loctite & finger tight. I was going to snug it up, but alas my metric socket set does not have a 16mm socket. But I figured the nut was just to keep the bearing from slipping out.


Would this issue with the nut falling off 3 times maybe have my Y axis’s out of sync? How can I reset them to match each other? My random crashes and sticking are killing my trust in this machine, I have chased my tail for two days on 5 normal parts I was running all the time. The HDM is now as bad consistent wise as my PRO

Pm sent this morning

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