HDM Z-Axis still binding

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(I replied to my last ticket regarding this issue so support is aware)

Is anyone else seeing this binding on the Z-Axis? This is after the machine sat a couple weeks, however everything is lubed. This recurring issue is rendering the machine unusable. I also am getting rusty water coming from the spindle housing each time the chiller is powered. I worry about corrosion internally on the spindle.

Have you checked the set screws on the z axis motor side of the drive coupler for tightness and alignment with a flat spot, if the motor shaft has that? The weight of the spindle may help the downward movement but not enough grip to overcome the weight to raise it back up.

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Ed, Yes. Everything is tight. I even loosened the ball screw bearing retention screws on the bottom of the Z-Axis.

UPDATE: I swapped the Z and X steppers and now Z works (with the old X stepper) and X wont move at all (with old Z stepper). It would appear that there is something internally wrong with the Z-Axis stepper. I’ll ask support to send over new one.

Are you using green standard antifreeze in your coolant system? I think this can cause problems and May be related to what you’re setting. Rv/marine antifreeze (usually pink) is what’s recommended.

I’ve talked to support - Fleming will be in touch today.

I’d suggest changing the distilled water for wiper fluid or antifreeze and flushing the system.


Regular old distilled water. I believe that is what the manual suggested. I’ll get it drained and flushed.

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