HDPE Cut to Size

Does anybody know a company that sells HDPE two color that is cut to size vs buying a whole sheet? I had a request for an outdoor sign in red with white core. I need around a 16inx16in piece .5in thickness but can only find they sell in whole 4ftx8ft sheets. I looked at inventables website and they do not sell the specific color in the sizes that I would need. Thanks for any assistance.

We have 8x8 sheets at:

Unfortunately 8x12 is sold out.

Thank you for the reply Will. I did notice these on the website, just need a larger size though. Do you purchase a sheet through a plastic company and cut them down to these sizes for sale? I called a few last week and they only offer the sheet, none were willing to sell smaller cuts.

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But…that’s pretty expensive.

Where are you located?

Rockford, IL area. For a cut piece on that site I guess price isn’t terrible but add 115 bucks for the shipping… ouch

Did you try contacting any local distributors or sign shops?

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That’s a good question — I suspect it’s cut to size by our supplier — contact sales@carbide3d.com, maybe they can help.

I have contacted local distributors that I found with no luck, I did not think of sign shops so I will look at those. I will also try carbide sales, thanks.

https://www.inventables.com/technologies/two-color-hdpe-red-on-white has some 1/4in material in 12x24in for $15, maybe that would work? buy a second sheet to get to 1/2in thickness and glue them together? Or glue them together and get some interesting red-white-red effects while cutting?

Well no luck with local sign shops. One guy had green and white but client really wants the red. I’m gonna take a look at some different material ideas since purchasing a full sheet is not cost effective for the project. Thanks for your guys reply’s and ideas.

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