HDPE feeds and speeds!

Hey all, I recently attempted my first go at HDPE. I could not find any solid feeds and speeds for this but I got lucky on my first try.
1/8 O-Flute endmill (amazon special)
0.1” dpp
90 ipm feed
40 ipm plunge
Router at “2” on the Carbide Create router 12k?
Cut 3/8 HDPE like a breeze! Plenty fast, might be able to go faster but no need for my work.


Great but you do not mention the router speed.

Edited, thanks for pointing that out.

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Not sure if the Carbide router has 6 or 5 settings but lets say 6 like thge Makita. The carbide router has a range between 12k and 30K so 18K range. 18 divided by 6 would say
2- 15k
3- 21k
4- 24k
5- 27k
6- 30k

So if you are using #2 setting, you would have been at 15K RPM.


Sounds about right to me. It’s supposedly a makita clone. Thanks for the info!

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It is not a perfect Makita clone, for example, the speed range of the Makita is 10K to 30K while the Carbide is 12k to 30K. There may be other differences, someone would have to take the two apart and compare.

Is it confirmed at 12k for the low end?

It seems your guesstimated feeds and speeds were right on, using an O-flute is 50% of the success, and the other 50% is the 0.006" chipload (90ipm/1x15.000RPM), which is already in the upper range of what I have seen used in HDPE for a 1/8" endmill


That is what the Carbide spec says, if it is not, they should update their specs.

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