HDZ / 2.2kW Spindle Mount /Suckit Dust Boot Issue

Has anyone successfully assembled their HDZ with a 2.2kW spindle mount from Mr. Beaver and a Suckit dust boot? What did the brackets from Mr. Beaver look like? I bought one of the first batch of HDZ units and I received a set of brackets for the Suckit, but I think they are not right for the 2.2kW spindle mount he sells. Per Mr. Beavers website, I have installed the Suckit brackets correctly on the back of the HDZ as best as I can tell, but he wrote about two sets of mounting holes on the brackets, but my brackets only have one set. Maybe I have an outdated set that wasn’t made for the 2.2kW spindle mount? I don’t know.

Anyway, if anyone has this setup and got it to work, I’d appreciate any assistance.

What are the dimensions of the brackets he supplied to you (if they work)?

How wide is the small spacers with magnets in them that came with the Suckit? Mine are 0.4" wide, and I need an additional 2.1" width to get them to connect properly. I can get my calipers and duplicate the part and make new ones, but I figure I’d ask what others did first. Yes, I do realize3 that I have the Suckit brackets on the opposite sides, but that is the only way they will fit around the spindle bracket.

If you connect to the spindle mount, your dust boot will lower with the spindle and crash.
I don’t have a 80mm spindle, but I’d try the extended wings on the suck it first.

Luke redesigned the brackets. You may have the origional brackets that didn’t work with a spindle. I’ve attached a picture of mine with the proper bracket.

Perfect! Thank you! Looks like I need to contact Luke and get the new brackets - once he gets back from vacation.

He has them as drawings that you can cut on his site if you cant wait?

Large and Small mounts on bottom of page

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Thanks. I saw those, but I have no desire to cut aluminum. I think I will 3D print a set of brackets until I can get the aluminum ones from Luke. Thanks for the link to the parts.

Also, it looks like you have an additional set of spacers on the sides of your dust boot. Did you get those from Suckit?

Luke sent me the new mounts for free. I think he did that for all spindle users. But don’t quote me. Also Suck-it has a boot upgrade for the HDZ with spindle. It had new spacers you mentioned and I believe spacers and maybe arms, but I don’t remember. I would get ahold of them ASAP because they will be slower order to fulfill.

Thanks, Gary. I’ll give them a call.

Well, I gave them a call and talked to Jenn, and she is going to ship me the correct spacers for my setup free! Great customer service from the people at Suckit.

I wanted to give a 3D printed set of brackets a shot, so I printed a set at 0.2" thick. They are a bit more flexible than I want (who would have thought that plastic was more flexible than aluminum!?) so I Am going to add a stiffening rib to them and print them again tonight.